Each year, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals plays hosts to one of the best inside sales events of the year: the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

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Earlier this year, I participated in an interview with AA-ISP Atlanta Chapter President and MarketSource VP of Client Services Ben Simms.

How to Create an Inside Sales Team that Drives ROI

Today, I’m proud to share my interview with Ben Simms on the InsideSales By Design Blog. You can watch all four parts of the interview below.

Part I. Trends, Buyer Communication and Hurdles

In this part of the interview, I discuss what I’m seeing in the inside sales profession from a big-picture perspective, the biggest challenges and opportunities with buyer communication, and the top 3 hurdles inside sales teams are facing.


Part II. Building Teams, Leaders and KPIs

In this part of the interview, I explain the struggles with building an inside sales team, including leadership and KPIs, and how to evaluate and set benchmarks for your sales team.


Part III. Recruiting World Class Teams

In this part of the interview, I discuss the characteristics of world-class sales organizations and the challenges of finding the right people for your sales organization.


Part IV. Instilling Coaching Methodologies

In this part of the interview, Ben and I discuss the best ways to correct mistakes and implement coaching methodologies that work.


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