It’s not about the money. It’s about money as a resource. Our conversations revolve around the problem our product or service is going to solve for our buyer. Let me say that again: a company/person buying our product or service happens when our product/service solves a problem.

Can we understand WHY our buyer is interested in our product service? We’re asking because there’s ALWAYS a reason and if not, do you think this person is really interested or ready to buy?

Therefore, can we answer the WHY question? Why is this person interested in your product/service?

Action tips of the day:

  1. your value proposition. Why would an organization buy your product/service? Come up with 5-10 value prop statements and questions.
  2. Do you understand the business problem your product/service is solving?
  3. What happens after your buyer says yes? Is that part of your conversation? [If not, it should be.]


  1. Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Dionne is a 20 year sales veteran having built and scaled Inside Sales team from the ground up. She started her own firm, Inside Sales by Design, to work with companies wanting to build their Inside Sales Teams right the first time and transform their current Inside Sales Team into something greater. Dionne believes in and uses common sense, practical approaches to inspire leaders and teams to greatness.