An exciting announcement from Dionne Mischler on the number one inside sales leadership event of 2019 – the AA-ISP Leadership Summit.

Happy New Year, friends!

It’s time to kick off another great year for inside sales! I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 2019 AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago from April 16th to 18th.

2019 AA-ISP Leadership Summit Details

The AA-ISP Leadership Summit is my favorite event to attend and speak at every year for one simple reason – it brings the creme-de-la-creme of the inside sales world together like no other single event on the planet.

Once again, I’ll be delivering a special presentation at the 2019 Leadership Summit, entitled: The Anatomy of an Effective Sales Leader. My presentation will focus on proven characteristics, tactics, and strategies that all effective sales leaders share.

Save $100 on AA-ISP Leadership Summit Tickets

This year, I’m also partnering with the fine folks at AA-ISP to offer a special deal to anyone who signs up early for the 2019 Leadership Summit. Enter the Promo Code Mischler$100 at the event registration page to save $100 on ticket prices.

You can follow event updates prior to and during the 2019 Leadership Summit. Just look for the following handles and hashtags on social media:

If you love meeting and learning from the best-and-brightest inside sales professionals, leaders, and consultants in your industry, then I strongly recommend making the pilgrimage to Chicago this April. Each year, I’m honored and privileged to meet so many wonderful people at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. I hope to see you there this year as well.

Cheers to a great start to 2019!

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